Short Term Missions: Foreign and Stateside Trips

Why Go?


      A short term mission trip is a win/win for both the participant as well as the local missionary and location.  By coordinating with the local people, we design trips that are effective and take advantage of over 35 years experience planning, facilitating, and leading trips.   We believe in working with the local church and missionaries to plan effective ministry that takes into account cultural  differences and current needs of the location.             We believe that every person should take advantage of the opportunity to participate in a mission trip, no matter the age, and as a result our teams consist of junior high through adults.  Some trips are even conducive to families participating as well.  Please contact us with any questions.    

2019 Foreign Trips


Application and $49. fee are due May 1st for this trip.

Dominican Republic  June 18-26

Cost: $949.  plus airfare

We will be helping with a camp for teens and working with a local church doing service projects and outreach.   Your trip costs cover entrance tax, all food, in-country transportation, lodging, and $100. toward project cost (camp) plus 2 team shirts.  Our host missionary is Jamie Bello.   

We are available to consult or train for an existing trip you  are taking

What next?   Please download the application.   Each person on the team, including adults, must complete the application.  Return the personal information page with your application fee to reserve your spot.  Once we receive your application we will send you a team notebook and training manual.

Passport Info

2019 Stateside Trips


Please note:  App fee is $20. if received by the May 31st due date ($35. after the due date.)

Spokane, WA  July 22-28
We will be working in the Spokane area with Journey Church.  We will also be helping with a sports camp in the Hillyard area. Service projects, children's ministry, outreach, and prayer make a difference in a needy area!

 Davenport WA July 29-August 4

Working with Harvest Celebration Church is this small town in Eastern WA.   

We'll be doing service projects and children's ministry.

Chicago Illinois August 12-19

$395.  Airfare is NOT included

This is an inner city church and we will be doing service projects and outreach here.  This is a unique lighthouse in a very dark place with many generational needs,  This ministry has been ministering in this location for decades.

You will need to bring your own bedding (air mattress, sleeping bag, etc.) so plan on paying for a suitcase when you book your airfare.   We will have a window of time for you to arrive/depart from Chicago airport.  Once you arrive in Chicago, all your expenses will be covered.

What Next?

So you're thinking about a mission trip:

here are some steps.

  1. Pray about where God wants you to go.
  2. Complete your application and turn it in.
  3. Get a passport, if needed.
  4. Start your preparation, whether it's working through your trip materials, learning a bit of a new language, or preparing your heart.
  5.   Start saving your money.

Foreign Trip Registration Process


  To reserve your spot, please download and return the completed registration form to us along with your $49. fee.  This fee is in addition to your trip costs and is non-refundable.  Once we receive your registration we will send your your training notebook so you can begin preparation.

       This application has a notarized portion that needs to be returned to us properly.  If you are under 18, you will need to have your signature and both of your parent's signatures notarized.  Frequently your local bank can take care of this.
         We realize that this can be difficult at times and would recommend you begin that process as soon as possible.  Please contact us with any questions you have.

If necessary, return the first page with your contact and reference information to hold your spot and complete and return the other pages as needed.  If you have parents that live separately, you can send them a copy of the notarized page and have them mail that to us.  It is perfectly fine to have two notarized pages, we just need to make sure that we have signatures from both parents or legal guardians.

Why Participate in a Stateside Trip?


      For about the price of summer camp you have the opportunity to minister and make a difference here in our country.  We always have at least one trip scheduled for somewhere in Washington State and periodically have a trip to another part of the U.S. as well. 

      Typically on a stateside trip we work with smaller churches and serve them in whatever way they need.   We usually do a survey of the community or area so we can pray effectively for the needs the people have.       

      Community service projects have consisted of yard work, painting, simple construction, and more.  We have put on Vacation Bible Schools or sports camps for the children and helped in church services.  We  sleep in the church and use that as our ministry base. 

      These are a great preparation for a foreign trip, enabling people to experience ministry in a setting where they at least know the language.  They are also a great tool to disciple your group and build a sense of team.