In Every Corner of the Globe: the Gospel Message and a Youth Ministry.

In Every Corner of the Globe: the Gospel Message and a Youth Ministry.

In Every Corner of the Globe: the Gospel Message and a Youth Ministry.In Every Corner of the Globe: the Gospel Message and a Youth Ministry.In Every Corner of the Globe: the Gospel Message and a Youth Ministry.

Seminar Topics

Youth Ministry

  • Youth Ministry for the Volunteer - 4 hours  This is aimed at equipping people who want what time they do have to count in youth ministry.  Most churches will have youth ministries run by volunteers.  This enables them to establish a viable youth ministry in their setting.
  • Building Your Youth Staff- 4 hours  For those who are fortunate enough to have some youth staff this allows for a unified effort on the part of the staff and volunteers.  The Team can do so much more than the individual.  In this seminar gifting, dreams, long range planning, and practical areas are covered to help you build a lasting youth ministry.
  • Crisis Times, Teens, and Tools-4 Hours Youth Ministry in the 21st Century means that you will deal with abuse, runaways, anger, suicide, and more.  These are practical tools to help you make the most of a bad situation.
  • He Made Them Male and Female-3 Hours  Don't fight the differences; work out a youth ministry model that will see both genders succeed.  This includes a planning matrix.
  • Loving the Teens in Your World-4 Hours This is orientated towards parents, grandparents, and anyone who deals with teens.  It addresses the most volatile issues that usually tear these  relationships apart.  You will be better equipped to love the teens in your world when this seminar is done.
  • Kingdom Accomplishments - 2 hours  This practical seminar equips you to plan and execute a youth ministry that impacts the world every time it meets. This includes mid-week service, Sunday School, "fun" events as well as mission trips and special projects


  • Wave Evangelism-4 Hours  This is a practical four hour seminar that helps  you plan out an effective evangelistic calendar for your outreach strategy.  By looking at a variety of models and price tags you will be able to make waves in your community as you toss The Rock-Jesus into your communities setting.
  • Your Gift and the Gospel-6 Hours This six hour seminar will equip anyone with a capacity to share the Gospel.  It includes a test that helps apply people's gifts to some additional strategies for evangelism.
  • Your Community Campus Vision-3 Hours  Reaching the schools in your community is a bigger job than you can handle by yourself.  There are some key factors that you can help put in places that will unify the youth workers in your area around reaching the youth in your community.  You will also learn how to speak on the campus as an invited guest.
  • The Alter Experience-3 Hours This is two hours of training for those who are involved in ministering to those at an altar.  It will equip them to cooperate with the working of the Holy Spirit.
  • Mapping Out a Strategy for Your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the Ends of the Earth-3 Hours  What are you doing now, what are the visions for the future, and what does it take to get there?  This three hour seminar is for the leadership of the church.  It will help you plot a plan for the future outreach of your

General Interest and Drama

General Interest

  • Anger and Conflict-2 Hours  Dealing with the anger within will help you to resolve your personal anger issues as well as help you to understand the dynamics of group conflict.


  • Drama in the Ministry Tool Box-4 Hours This four hour seminar will enable you to establish a drama ministry from your congregation.   Sessions are geared towards drama coaches and participants.
  • Drama in the Missions Tool Box-4 Hours  In four hours you will learn how to use drama as an effective tool on the mission field.  How to draw a crowd and make the most of the opportunity you have.  Based on numerous years of Short Term Missions experience