In Every Corner of the Globe: the Gospel Message and a Youth Ministry.

Youth Ministry


Practical - Relevant - Interactive Youth Ministry

being proactive rather than reactive

     Mark Schaufler has worked with young people since 1979 and lived in the same area the entire time. This has given him the opportunity to learn from things done in ministry over three decades ago.  

     Traveling in ministry since 1992 has continued to enable learning from the dozens of churches and countries he works in every year.

     This continuing classroom has developed some basic youth ministry concepts that are a part of all the training and preaching in this area.
     In  2003, Mark began a youth ministry training called Finish the Race, a healthy youth ministry in your setting.  This training is done in 4 levels, in various locations in Washington state. 

      This training can be scheduled for your leaders or your community at your convenience.  Please visit the website: for more information and other great youth ministry resources.

    We have various resources for purchase on our shop page as well as free resource downloads and links above.